Hey! My name is Krupa, I’m the face behind Bindipendent Woman! I’m a first generation Indian Brit whose parents migrated from India/Africa.

Bindipendent Woman is a blogging platform where I will be expressing all things good, bad and ugly within the South Asian Community. Though this is a platform for SA voices, I will also be looking at other minority groups too, being that our experiences are somewhat still similar yet very different. I don’t look to explore other minority groups on my own being that there’s always a risk of biased views or incorrect information so, in the long run, I would like to collaborate with few of my beauties of dual heritage and black descent in discussing their experiences but also the stigmas between the groups too.

I am on a journey to discovering my roots, and my¬†identity as a South Asian woman and Bindipendent Woman will be a platform where I do so.¬†Bindipendent Woman was inspired from a frustration of the lack of knowledge that I obtained growing up about my roots, and in result having a bit of a (massive) identity crisis whereby I thought I was white, and very quickly discovered that I’m not accepted as one because you know, maybe I’m just a little too tanned to be (lol).

I really do believe that knowing where you come from is a vital key in knowing where you’re going, so stay tuned if you too, are on the journey!

Check out my first ever blog to understand why I started Bindipendent Woman in further detail!

Until next time! Stay alert, stay awake, stay Bindipendent ladies x