My Queen- We Slip Together, We Slay Together


Get the ‘slip together, slay together’ thing now? LOL!

This is Mummy Bear Patel face. I had to choose my second blog carefully as I have a few topics lined up but it was a very clear and easy decision that the post about this bear would be the one that wins!

I spoke about my inspiration behind this blog is my previous blog post, but felt Mummy Bear Patel deserved a blog post of her own: get ready to fall in love people!

My Queen, for real, the Queen of all Queens. This is all for her. This woman has been my support system from day one!

The reason why she’s my everything is because I love the fight in her and to know her, is to know that she will fight for her world until death alone will stop her from doing so. My parents migrated to this country in 1987, celebrating their 30th year here in London this year. Though her English is broken (doesn’t have a very strong language learning brain left hemisphere thingy lol), my babes manages all the admin in the household. She juggles life with two children, two jobs (mostly night shifts and weekend jobs), sometimes child minding (helping out friends or families that can’t afford to get child minders for their bubs), and a macho, macho manly husband (Poppa Patel is a sweety, but he is your typical ‘put the food on the table’ and the-rice-is-within-arms-reach-but-could-you-serve-it-to-me-still kinda man, still comfortable with old gender binaries. Oddly enough, he does cook some great meat curries and is EXCEPTIONAL at it, but still though the whole nudge-the-rice-over thing? lol). Mum also manages other house work duties and not to forget the stress of managing some properties overseas as well as stress from two children still trying to form a career for themselves, and many more areas that hands her stress in a scrumptious large plate of deadly deliciousness.

Writing this post, I must admit that I am guilty of allowing her to handle all those things above alone, due to my selfish desire of being on the phone and relaxing from my 8 hour shift. Ugh. First world attitudes suck.

My mum has gone against the grain, the norm, the ideology of a “good Indian bride” to provide me with endless support. She has been the one who celebrates me when the world says no. She’s the one who would go against what several people have said about me, giving clear evidence to support their accounts of me, yet stayed true to her own opinion of me. Coming from a situation of completely integrating into her marital family, having none of her own immediate family members in a country that isn’t her own, she has shown me nothing but courageousness.

So this is why I have chosen to give you guys another ‘inspiration behind the blog’ post, because in actuality the biggest thanks goes to my Queen; for standing up to injustice at her work place or outside of the home with strength, dignity and power. You have shown me nothing less than greatness, and you are the BIGGEST inspiration behind this blog but also my life as a whole. Watching you go through some stuff and hearing hardly anything from the South Asian Community speaking of these unjust situations, made me step out and be that voice for people like you, Mum.

With all that she does, comes subtle, and sometimes obvious remarks that would break me down personally should I get them thrown at me. In our South Asian community, lots of people would be able to back me on this one but family don’t come in a package of cuteness, there are family members that prey on you and wait for a moment to pounce on every bit of confidence that you have. I’m not here to name and shame but merely to highlight as to why my mum means the greatest deal to me. She has constantly been dismissed by her own, picked on by her own and humiliated (coming in a form of a malicious joke at times) by her own people, yet continues to gain self confidence to give to her children the life that she could only daydream of.

If words or things can explain my love for her, I’d rob this planet from everything it has. She is an absolute Queen, wrapped in honour and class.

To know her, is to fall in love with her. You shall reap what you have sown mum.

Fact: mum actually cried out of disappointment when she first gave birth to me knowing that bringing up a woman is going to be so much harder than bringing up a man – I guess she knew what oppression felt like for us ladies in our communities huhh?!

Anyways, until next time! Stay alert, stay awake, stay Bindipendent!


13 thoughts on “My Queen- We Slip Together, We Slay Together

  1. A great piece Krupa. Never a true word spoken. Your mum is very brave and strong. And you’re right… ‘To know her is to love her’.
    Love her loads.

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  2. It’s just dust, dust in my eyes I tell you!!! This is beautiful Bindipendant woman! I have seen this first hand and as tough as it is, this love will always be your shining light in dark places! All the love! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautifully written Krupa.! We know how hard our mothers work to keep us all together. The sacrifice they make to allow us to live in freedom. Your right, our mothers are our queens without them we would be lost ♥️

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